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7th February 2011

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I like Saw 3D WAY better than Saw VI.

The main reason why? The fact that William DOESN’T CHOOSE TO SAVE ANY MAN, and that basically ALL the male characters in traps (apart from that unsufferable Brent… if we were supposed to be on his side, well, not gonna happen ever) died, while most of the women made it out alive (7 out of 7 vs 2 out of 7) even when they didn’t deserve it (Shelby and Simone anyone?). Also, the Hanging Trap’s point was rendered MOOT by the using a MALE character as expendable and a FEMALE one as the character to save, not to mention the extreme annoyance over the fact of having only the female characters being the ones with family. It’s sad, because it has one of my fave traps (The Carousel Trap), but I can’t bring myself to watch it, what with all the genderfail. Saw 3D might’ve been worse, but at least there weren’t any stupid excuses to save female characters at the expense of male ones.

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10th January 2011


I wouldn’t have minded being shut in the safe with Daniel Matthews.. Fuck yeah!

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6th January 2011

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Amanda Young is my spirit animal.

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1st January 2011

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I hated how in the first Saw they referred to Amanda as ‘Mandy’.

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30th December 2010

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15th December 2010

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6th December 2010

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3rd December 2010


Om nom nom.

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